3 Session Mentoring

Saskia supports parents to master their life skills with yogic practices.

For 3 sessions Saskia works virtually weekly or biweekly to meet her client’s needs, as she listens and discusses how best to assist and support them. Her compassionate and peaceful presence creates a safe space for her clients to discuss their hopes and dreams, pain points and stressors. This leads to a strategic and creative way forwards using yogic techniques suited to their unique desired outcome. 

To experience change in our world, it starts from the changes we make within ourselves, this takes dedication and presence.  Through this investment of our time, we begin to see the fruits of our labor.  As these yogic practices are repeated again and again, we gain confidence and the tools to continue to grow, leading a more peaceful life, living from the combination of the heart intelligence and intellect of the brain.

Only we can be the catalyst for our own change, no one can do the work for us. 

Yet having a positive, truthful and supportive team is critical in times of change and transition.  When we are in transition, we disrupt the "norm", just like the Covid pandemic did.  The well-worn grooves, of our habits, routines, familial patterns, our relationships with family & friends were all disrupted and challenged in a multitude of ways.   For many this change was abrupt, abrasive and traumatic.   

“In my mentoring I will offer you yogic tools, practices and perspectives to support you as you build and recreate the life skills you want, unique to you, aligned to your values, beliefs and happiness.   Compassionate, loving and direct language to guide you through life's transitions is enormously valuable and can be the guiding light along the new and sometimes, dimly lit path.”

Each step we each take to knowing the truth within ourselves and to healing ourselves; we play a part in the raising of frequency on this planet, and collectively we create the change we want to see in the world. 

To create impactful change in the lives of her clients, Saskia initially works on weekly or biweekly basis with a 3 or 6 month commitment, moving towards monthly check ins where needed for support and continued growth. 

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