Saskia Bergmans has been teaching and studying yoga for over 20 years in Europe, Wakefield MA and New Haven CT where she is now based.

Saskia leads workshops and teaches yoga classes focusing on energy management, peace and grounding to support people in these challenging times and help them to process grief, loss and stress.  She also specializes in prenatal and postpartum yoga, offers private yoga classes to individual clients, and combines yoga with spiritual coaching, helping women manage the stresses of modern life.

Her compassionate and peaceful presence creates a safe space for clients to discuss their hopes, dreams and forgotten joys, and reframe and heal their past. By setting them on a path of acceptance and self-love, she guides them to a place of empowerment.

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Free Resources

Welcome to Saskia's free resources page which is an introduction to her yoga and meditation classes and workshops.

Yoga Classes with Saskia

Saskia is currently teaching in two studios!

She is teaching Restorative Yoga workshops at West Rock Wellness 


Tuesdays in Branford's Raven Wing from 9.30-10.45am, a Sweet and Steady yoga class.


I look forward to having you join me on the mat in one of these beautiful studios!

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Moderate exercise is important during pregnancy, but it is equally important to rest deeply and rejuvenate.

In these prenatal classes, Saskia holds a safe and sacred space for her students to connect with their bodies through each trimester of their pregnancy. She integrates aspects of asana and restorative yoga to help prepare the mother-to-be for the first critical years of motherhood.

Saskia has taught prenatal & postnatal yoga since 2003.  She has also practiced as a doula and teaches workshops to educate parents on the importance of prenatal and postpartum self-care.

Please visit the following links to learn more about where Saskia is teaching prenatal yoga.  



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6 Session Mentoring

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